ADF utilizes digital fabrication technology and traditional processes to provide efficient and cost effective approaches to art and design projects. 

Custom Textile WOrks

Digital Embroidery Specialists

We offer custom digital embroidery from small to large format and editions, sewing, felting and unique textile and fiber based project production. From 2D to 3D, we help artists create custom textile works for soft sculpture, installation, wearable constructions and a wide range of applications.



Custom Fabrication

We have extensive experience designing and fabricating 2D and 3D projects. With professional industrial knowledge of a wide range of materials, processes and techniques, we help you bring concepts into form. We offer custom fabrication services for a range of applications from artworks, design prototypes to architectural elements, custom crate and pedestal fabrication.


Project Visualization

Whether you are pitching for a grant for a public art or gallery show, or need to showcase a prototype design for clients, our project visualization services design and render the images and animations that translate your concept in the most compelling and contemporary visuals that will impress your intended audience. 



ADF can create custom crates completely tailored to any object. 

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